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TOR for Consultancy Services to Conduct Training on Safeguarding

  1. Background and Program Objectives

        Organization for child development and transformation (CHADET) is a non-for-profit national development organization registered in Ethiopia (Reg. no. 0234) that works for the protection and welfare of children found under difficult circumstances. CHADET has been implementing a project entitled ‘Safeguarding Children and Adults from Risks’ from Dec 15,2019 to May 15, 2021 under the Civil Society Support Programme Phase Two (CSSP2) funded by the people of the United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden and Norway. The Programme is managed by the British Council, in consortium with PACT UK and Social Development Direct. Currently CHADET secured the safeguarding thematic CSSP2 Cost-Extension Grant from the same donors, which is under implementation for the first 5 months span from October 2021-February 2022. The objective of the safeguarding programme focuses on strengthening the capacity of CSOs through capacity building trainings and mentoring to develop/adopt/revise their safeguarding (child protection) policies and procedures and safeguarding children and adults who are their targets and at risk of by CSOs staffs and the intended and unintended effects of their projects and/or programmes. Based on organizational capacity assessment outputs (capacity development need priorities) - capacity development training and mentoring support will be provided for each CSO under the program.

  1. Objectives of the Assignment

      The task of the consultant will, therefore, be conducting three days training in two parts, i.e., safe-recruitment and safe-programming, for participants drawn from CSOs and representatives from five regional bureaus (Amhara, Afar, Somali, SNNPR and Oromiya). The training will be provided for 35 participants each. The training is expected to have two parts as stipulated in the following section.

Part one: Safe-recruitment practices- At every stage of the process staff recruitment, organizations should take all necessary steps to deter unsuitable candidates from applying or being appointed into an organization. It also requires to be consistent and thorough in the process of obtaining, collating, analyzing, and evaluating information from and about applicants, which includes preparation of job descriptions, advertisement, review of applicant’s documents, assessment (examining & interview), reference checking, job offering, documentation and employee departure procedures- among civil society organizations (CSOs) that have secured funds from CSSP2 programme. ‘Safe-programming’- this stage refers to activities across at all stages of project development, operation processes, events and other initiatives delivered by the CSOs. Every CSO programme or project should guided by safe programming. Safe programming aims to make sure that as far as possible community members are safeguarded from intentional / unintentional risks of sexual abuse, exploitation and sexual harassment and other harms that arise from how programmes are designed and delivered. This may also include harm and abuse that might take place between community members, or within families, as a result of the programme.

Part two: Case management and investigation – This part will focus on imparting skills to CSOs on how each CSOs can look for professional investigators on reported allegations of PSEA/H from other organizations. In general, the case management and investigation training will be expected to include topics like basic concepts of sexual exploitation and abuse and other forms of sexual misconduct and explains under whose jurisdiction SEA investigations are conducted; principles of SEA investigations, including a victim-centered approach, consent and due process rights, the methodology and case management of SEA investigations during intake, investigation and reporting, recommendations on the interview formalities, planning and preparation of an interview, how to create a positive atmosphere for interviews and how to investigate allegations of SEA, including interviewing of vulnerable parents, guidance on how to analyze the evidence that was gathered during the SEA investigation and how to present the evidence in the final product, which is the report.

CHADET, therefore invites qualified firms and/or individuals with relevant experiences in delivering training services indicated in this ToR.

Scope of the Services

  • Develop the training programmes and materials on two separate activities for three days duration on safe-recruitment and programming and five days training on case management and investigation in line with the CSSP2 project goal, with special focus on an introduction of safeguarding, safe recruitment procedures, safe-programming, case management and investigation;
  • Prepare a contextualized training manual, power point presentations, handouts and links to deliver effective training for CSOs to use and apply safe-recruitment and programming, case management and investigation;
  • Deliver the training programme for participants as per the plan that will be scheduled in close consultation with CHADET’s Safeguarding Project Coordinator;
  • Prepare a training delivery methodology and schedule with full itinerary of the activities/duties;
  • Work closely with Safeguarding Project Coordinator to develop a training plan with deliverables as well as agenda for each session, which should be approved by the Safeguarding coordinator and CSSP2 Team representative for this project; 
  • Develop a training package, including PowerPoints, guidance checklists, and handouts on safe-recruitment and programming. This will include how to plan and implement recruitment and programming in the context of safeguarding;
  • Use IEC materials developed by the Ethiopia ( in the training, including PowerPoints to adopt context specific agendas of the training;
  • Deliver training for participant drawn from CSOs, government partners and focal points with the objective of increasing knowledge and capacity on planning, reviewing and including safe-recruitment procedures and safe-programming practices in their HR as well as strategic plans,
  • Prepare and submit a detailed report of the training programme along with photographs that show the progress of the training activity.
  1. Expected Outputs and Deliverables
  • Conduct pre-training and post-training evaluations of the training, and include the results in the main report;
  • Training outline and contents, power point presentations, handouts and simplified templets/forms on how each CSOs could implement safe-recruitment and safe-programing;
  • Coaching (group and individual) during the training on how they are going to implement and or incorporate the recruitment and programing procedures into their HR policies and procedures.
  • Prepare and submit final report at the end of the training regarding the delivery of the training programme;
  1. Assignment Period and Coordination Mechanism

      The service provider shall consult and coordinate with CHADET-Safeguarding Project Coordinator to accomplish the assignment successfully. The service provider needs to report on the progress of the assigned tasks as per the detailed outlined in the ToR. The training is planned to be conducted in February 2022. CHADET shall monitor and provide regular technical assistance in planning and implementation of the aforementioned training programme. Therefore, the selected training service provider will be required to keep close and constant interactions with CHADET-Safeguarding Project Coordinator to ensure the proper organization of the training. CHADET will arrange the training venue and logistics.  It also monitors the quality of the training in line with and as per its procedures and protocol. The selected consultant/firm and its employees are expected to observe CHADET’s Child Protection Policy.

  1. Required Qualifications, Skills, and Experiences
  • The lead of the training team/firm should have a minimum of master’s degree in social sciences or related fields of study;
  • Relevant work experience, especially in delivering training within the NGOs environment, experiences on safeguarding and PSEA;
  • Experience in dealing with the issues of basic HR procedures, understanding and skills about safe-programming principles and procedures;
  • A consultancy firm/consultant that could provide evidences about their previous work experiences in relation to this assignment;
  • A minimum of 10 years of work experience in developing training guidelines or manuals; as well as conducting trainings;
  • Proven capacity to develop practical training guidelines and programme, experience in documentation, reporting and evaluation of training programmes; and
  1. Reporting and Documentation

     The training service provider will maintain proper documentation process of the training and assess evaluation and quality of the training through standard template. In addition, the contracted training service provider will share training related data to CHADET training/event data monitoring system on completion and achievement of training deliverables.

CHADET will effect payments on the awarded contract based on the achieved outputs, submission of comprehensive report and as per CHADET financial guidelines that will be stipulated in the service contract.

  1. Submissions and Evaluation of Proposals

      Technical and financial proposals must be submitted to CHADET Head Office in person until 4th of February, 2022, 11:00 am. Applications will be assessed based on quality and cost-based selection method, experience of the consultant/firm and in accordance with the procurement procedures of CHADET. Both technical and financial proposals must be submitted separately in a sealed envelope labelled ‘Consultancy Services for Safeguarding Programme’ on the top of respective envelopes such that the financial information could not be revealed before assessing the technical proposal. Only a single technically responsive and financially viable organization (firm) entity will be awarded with the contract. CHADET reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids.

The head office is located at the following address:

Organization for Child Development and Transformation (CHADET)

Birhan-Lehitsanat bldg., 3rd floor, Behind the Federal Police Hospital

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Additional Info

  • Bid Submission Date: Friday, 04 February 2022


CHADET is a charitable organisation registered in Ethiopia (Reg. no. 0234) that works for the protection and welfare of children found under difficult circumstances.



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