Girls Education challenge (GEC) is a three year project Funded by DFID  and implemented by CHADET in association with Child Hope UK  to benefit 14,503 marginalized girls  in and out of school to get access, and remain in school  in three zones of Amhara and Oromia Regions targeting 30 kebeles and their respective 30 schools.

GEC’s project launching workshop was held in Debre Tabor town Hibret Hotel in Dec 6, 2013. In the presence of South Gondar Zone chief Administrator, Vice administrator, Finance and Economic Development office head, Women Children and youth Affair office head, Education office head, police office head and respective three woredas head of the above sector offices, religious leaders, Bahir Dar and Debre Tabor university representatives and 15 kebele Administrators, school principals,  CHADET’s head office senior management and South Gondar Zone project staffs.A total of 99 people participated from which 81 and 18 are male and female respectively.T-shirts prepared by CHADET were also distributed to the participants. The program was opened by CHADET’s Managing Director Ato Anannia Admasu’s presentation on CHADET’s establishment and its intervention areas in

GEC  has launched its project for the public and government stakeholders held on November 28/2013 in Soljam Hotel, Asella.  The session began with the welcoming speech of Anannia Admasu, Managing Director of Organization for Child Development and Transformation/ CHADET/ . The Director noted that CHADET has multiple experiences over the past two decadeswith Child development projects and would like extend our enriched exposure further not only in Arsi but also through the country. According to him while talking about the GEC Project, currently we have engaged to implement in three Woreda’s of Arsi zone and hopefully can add some other Woreda’s if we score additional success because of Payment by Result Principles. 

GEC project launched in South wollo Dessie town at Aytegeb Hall on 16th of Dec, 2013. The zone, woreda and kebele level sector bureaus and offices attended the workshop.

During the inauguration presentations were made in order to promote the previous activities done by CHADET in South Wollo. Discussions were also 


held regarding the overall mission and aim of the GEC project and building future relationships with stake holders. During the panel, South Wollo Zone Women, Children and youth Office representative Mr.Ketema Gizaw said “CHADET is one of the well known local charity organization and we need CHADET since it supports government’s agenda on education.”

  Dessie town administration education office deputy head, Mr. Endris Mohammed on his part said “The idea that CHADET brought to the GEC project is dynamic, and could be mainstreamed to the public easily and we would like to thank the organization for bringing such a potential area of development. We will work together with CHADET for the successful implementation of the project”.

All members of society – adults and children – have a responsibility to work together to protect and promote the rights of all Children and to empower them to secure their entitlements. The extent to which children are empowered to effectively claim the entire range of their entitlements depends on the attitudes and practices of adults and the opportunities and support they provide for children. Organization for child development and transformation (CHADET) highly believes and wants to implement true Child Participation in the country.

Situated in the Heart of Addis Ababa the joint project office is operated from Addis Ketema; when coming to child abuse there are a lot of problems prevailing in Addis Ababa. Rate of children migrating from rural to urban area is exceedingly increasing every year. Lack of proper and honest information seems to be the major cause for migration. But when coming to the city and faced with reality; the city all of a sudden becomes a monster leaving all the beautiful and colorful stories told by their friends as a fragment of their imagination, leaving them hopeless, confused and most of all vulnerable to all the harm of the city.



CHADET is an indigenous non-governmental organization that works to improve the lives of marginalized children in Ethiopia

by providing access to quality education and improving livelihood opportunities.