TOR for Consultancy Services to Conduct Work-Readiness Training for Youth

Call for Consultancy Services to Conduct Work-Readiness Training for Youth

  1. Background and program objectives

Since January 2018, Organization for Child Development and Transformation (CHADET) has been implementing a project titled “Job Creation for Potential Migrants in Addis Ababa” under the framework of Stemming Irregular Migration in Northern and Central Ethiopia (SINCE), jointly with People in Need (PIN), Concern Worldwide (CWW), and VIS in four selected sub-cities in Addis Ababa, namely Addis Ketema, Arada, Kirkos and Yeka Sub-Cities, (a total of sixteen woredas). The project has been financed under the European Union Emergency Trust Fund for Africa that has aimed at addressing the Root Causes of Irregular Migration and Displacement in Africa. It has been coordinated by the Embassy of Italy in Ethiopia, in collaboration with various actors.

The project intends to foster a more inclusive economic environment across the region to improve the living conditions of potential migrants and returnees, with particular emphasis on youth and women. Accordingly, the intervention logic assumes that the reinforcement of productive value chains, access to economic stability, skilled labor, Public Private Partnerships (PPPs), Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVETs) and future industrial production increase create employment opportunities that help to reduce the root causes and risks of irregular migration. In so doing, the project promotes the improvement of potential migrants and returnees’ living conditions through the reinforcement of existing value chains, cluster of enterprises, on the job training and capacity development of the selected beneficiaries from its target Woredas.

CHADET invites qualified firms with relevant experiences in delivering training services as mentioned in this Terms of Reference (ToR).

  1. Objectives of the Assignment

The main objectives of conducting Life Skills Training is to equip potential migrants and returnees (youths and women) with the desired knowledge, skills and attitudes related to life skills, work ethics, discipline management, employability. The training is also aimed at contributing to building productive workforce that would contribute for personal, institutional and societal development.

Specific Objectives

  • To build the capacities of target youth and women as related to basic life skills, work ethics,discipline management, employability skills and gender mainstreaming.
  • To contribute to workforce development through providing skilled and disciplined human power that meet the labour market demands and requirements of the private companies in Construction, Leather, and Metalwork sectors.
  • To enable youth and women to clearly understand the private companies’ needs and requirements and thereby increase their employability.
  • To support the trainees to develop assertiveness and good motivation so that they can practically apply work ethics and discipline when they are employed by private companies.
  1. Target Participants

The training will target 222 potential migrants and returnees, especially youths who are aged 18 to 34 as well as women aged 35 to 40 years. Of these, 119 trainees have completed the three months skill training and are currently at apprenticeship at various private companies, and the rest 103 are starting the skills training at Addis Ketema Industrial College.

  1. Scope of the Services
  • Develop the training programme and training materials for three-day duration in line with the SINCE programme goal, with special focus on life skills, work ethics, discipline management, employability skills and gender mainstreaming, targeting vulnerable youth and women.
  • Prepare a tailored training manual, power point presentations, handouts, and links to deliver effective training for youths & women to make them ready for employment;
  • Deliver the training programme for 222 potential migrants and returnees (youth & women) effectively and efficiently through the allocating of three to four professionals in different phases (a trainer handling 25 to 30 youth & women at a time).
  • Prepare a training delivery methodology and schedule with full itinerary of the activities/duties;
  • Prepare and submit a detailed report of the training programme along with photographs that show the progress of the training activity.
  1. Expected Outputs and Deliverables
  • Develop a persona of the participants for baseline
  • Conduct pre-training and post-training evaluations of the training, and include the results in the main report;
  • Prepare and submit training delivery schedule for potential migrants and returnees;
  • Training outline and contents, power point presentations, handouts, and links;
  • Basic ICT training (computer as a notebook and search engine)
  • Coaching (group and individual)
  • Develop a strategy for community Mentorship program
  • Submit detailed report on the delivery of the training programme for 222 trainees along with group work exercises, and photos;
  • Assist CHADET in creating JOB information Center
  • End of training persona of each participants for the final report
  1. Assignment Period and coordination mechanism

The service provider shall consult and coordinate with CHADET-SINCE Project Manager and Officers to accomplish the assignment successfully. The service provider needs to report on the progress of the assigned tasks as per the detailed outlined in the ToR. The training is planned to be conducted starting from May to October 2019, in ten rounds. CHADET shall monitor and provide regular technical assistance in planning and implementation of the aforementioned training programme. Therefore, the selected training service provider will be required to keep close and constant interactions with CHADET-SINCE Project staff to ensure the proper organization of the training. CHADET will arrange the training venue and logistics; it also monitors the quality of the training in line with as per its procedures and protocol. The selected consultant/firm and its employees are expected to observe CHADET’s Child Protection Policies.

  1. Required Qualifications, Skills, and Experiences
  • The lead of the training tam/firm should have a minimum of master’s degree in social sciences or related fields of study;
  • Relevant work experience, especially in NGO Environment, and in relation to vulnerable youths and women;
  • Experience in dealing with the issues of basic life skills, work ethics, discipline management, employability skills and gender mainstreaming;
  • A consultancy firm/consultant that could provide evidences about their previous work experiences in relation to this assignment.
  • A minimum of 10 years of work experience in developing training guidelines or manuals; as well as conducting trainings;
  • Proven experiences and capacities to develop inter-personal skills, life skills and behavioral assertiveness to improve the living conditions of vulnerable youths and women, with particular focus on potential migrants and returnees;
  • Have in house ICT skill manual and trainers
  • Proven capacity to develop practical training guidelines and programme; experience in documentation, reporting and evaluation of training programmes; and
  • Have strong linkage with the private sector
  1. Reporting and Documentation

The training service provider will maintain proper documentation process of the training and assess evaluation and quality of the training through standard template. In addition, the contracted Training Service Provider will share training related data to CHADET training/event data monitoring system on completion and achievement of training deliverables.

CHADET will affect the payment on the awarded contract based on achieved outputs, submission of comprehensive report and as per CHADET financial rules and payment conditions that will be stipulated in the Service Contract.

  1. Submissions and Evaluation of Proposals

Technical and financial proposals have to be submitted to CHADET Head  Office in person within seven  calendar days after the first date of the announcement on newspaper. The head office is located at the following address:

Lideta Sub-City

Birhan Lehitsanat Building

3rd Floor

(in front of Ethiopian Red Cross Society, Addis Ababa Branch)

The consultancy firm has to submit the Technical and Financial Proposals in separate sealed envelopes mentioning “Technical Proposal” and “Financial Proposal” on the top of respective envelopes so that the financial information could not be revealed before assessing the technical proposal. Only a single technically responsive and financially viable organization (firm) entity will be selected following CHADET procurement rules/procedures on evaluation by CHADET team of procurements, and awarded with the contract for the expected deliverables and outputs as per the ToR.


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