Annual Report


CHADET’s Board of Directors presented its report to the general assembly regarding the main achievements of 2012. The report entails that CHADET has accomplished about 83 percent of its plan of action approved by the general assembly for the year 2012. According to the report CHADET applying complementary strategies and approaches in order to progress towards its Vision, and attain its Goal CHADET spent a total of 24 million birr in 2012. 

The board presents its report on the four main strategies of the organization. The first strategy is Protection and Provision of Services to meet the needs of its target beneficiaries. The provision of services was designed around four thematic issues: i.e., a) Child protection, b) Education, c) Health, and d) Economic Services (Livelihoods). 

Our focus on the Child Participation strategy helped children to play an active role in all stages of CHADET’s programme planning and implementation. Furthermore, it has contributed for the broader participation of the community that geared towards improving the lives of families with most vulnerable children. 

CHADET Built Capacities of Stakeholders such as CBOs and Local Government institutions so that they become owners and key actors to sustain the undertakings mainly the locally grounded child protections mechanisms laid in different areas of operation of the organization. 

The year 2012 was also a year where CHADET kept on Building its own Organizational Capacity. The strategy constitutes building the institution and its staff that would surely add a valuable input to scale up its quality of service delivery. CHADET conducted multiple action oriented research to improve its own quality of program delivery. Though a declinehas been shown in a scale of building the capacities of staff, key staff members of the organization received international trainings and experience sharing visits to boost their performance. It has also filled key positions in the organization for smooth implementation and leaderships. Download


CHADET is an indigenous non-governmental organization that works to improve the lives of marginalized children in Ethiopia

by providing access to quality education and improving livelihood opportunities.