OVC Care and Support

The project entitled ‘Promoting, Networking, Coordination and Integration of community Based Orphan and/or Vulnerable Children (OVC) Care and Support Package’ aims to minimize the vulnerability among orphan and/or vulnerable children in Ethiopia. Children without family, street children or working children often don’t receive any support within their community or outside their community. Being completely on their own, they become easy targets for risky migration, child trafficking or other forms of exploitation.

CHADET works with governmental organizations, civil society, communities and other stakeholders to help disadvantaged children out of poverty by providing care and support systems in their communities, by providing business skills training and by promoting income generating activities. Through capacity building of the local implementing organization and the establishing and strengthening of care and support systems within the communities, CHADET believes to contribute to the social, economical and emotional well-being of the children.

General information
Program Duration: 20 Months , (October 1,2014 – June 30, 2016)
Intervention Area: Seven Woredas of Addis Ketema Sub city of Addis Abeba,(Woreda 01,02,03,06,07,08, & 09)
Number of local implementing Networks of Community Based Organization(CBO): 8
Number of Target beneficiaries disaggregated by Sex : 2000 (F 1115, M 885)
Number of direct Income Generating Activities (IGA) beneficiaries  (Caregivers): 200
Number of indirect beneficiaries of the IGA component: 265 children
Number of active community volunteers: 50
Total Program budget: 6,955,013.00 birr

 Specific Objectives:

In order to achieve its overall goal to support disadvantaged children, the projects has the following specific goals:

• To employ effective and efficient family-centered, age -appropriate and inclusive OVC care and support management systems,

• To enhance the capability of communities for coordinated and improved responsiveness towards OVC care and support,

• To establish effective and efficient monitoring, evaluation, reporting and learning system

Major achievements to date (Result and Impact Level)

• Proper financial management system established at each partners CBOs level

• Technical, material and financial capacities of CBOs improved and currently they all are providing comprehensive and quality care and support for target vulnerable children and their families within their catchment areas

• Self -confidence and esteem of target children improved because of the continuous psycho social supports rendered to them

• Children able to participate in the implementation and decision making process of the program

• Referral systems established and strengthened among stakeholders

• The culture of saving has been improved among the IGA beneficiaries

• Caregivers engaged in various income generating activities and are able to meet the basic needs of their children.

• Business development skills improved among the IGA beneficiaries.

• Efficient documentation system in place (beneficiary data, need assessment, reports, etc).

• Evidence based decision made(recruitment of beneficiaries)

 Community and government participation

• Concerned government stakeholders at various levels involved in approving the project intervention, beneficiary requirement and supportive supervision.

• As a result of the joint effort among the government and the structures of the communities, SYNERGY created and hence target vulnerable children are being supported through comprehensive supports.

Sustainability of the project

• Communities are well aware of the vulnerability of children and hence has begun to mobilize local resources(all partner CBOs are committed to contribute 10% out of the total program budget) for the care and support of the vulnerable children

• Case stories collected and good practices shared among the CBO members to sustain the good achievements of the program


CHADET is a charitable organisation registered in Ethiopia (Reg. no. 0234) that works for the protection and welfare of children found under difficult circumstances.



CHADET’s Motto


Striving to build Children’s future!


25 years of service for vulnerable children and young people!